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Omnidevice Manual

Greetings, friend, we at Roar Technologies wish you the best time with your new OmniDevice. We cannot currently be reached for technical assistance, but we hope you find the following information useful and comprehensive.

The OmniDevice was invented in 2012 by Professor Roar from the University of Trondheim. He claimed it could sense the presence of something… not of this world. What we first considered noise actually turned out to be an alien entity know as FREQs or Xonyans. They blend with the cosmic background radiation, and their heartbeat is close to the frequency spectrum of the Schumann Resonance – the Earth’s pulse.

1. Overview of the Omnidevice


1.1 Profile Panel

This panel contains information about the agent and status of the Omnidevice.

The top of the panel shows personal agent information and statistics. The lower part of the panel displays the status of the Omnidevice. In this section you can also upgrade the Omnidevice resources and set the controls.

The status of the agent rank is displayed in the right side of the panel.


1.2 Archive Panel

The Archive contains all the recovered files together with every document and information the agent gets.

Status of the professor’s file piece is shown at the very top. If the file piece is installed it will be highlighted.

Information about the Xonyans, the Agency and Headquarter, Omnidevice Manual, all the recovered files together and all correspondence with Headquarter is stored in the Archive panel.


1.3 Radar

The radar area displays current activity around the agent. The radar radius is 100 meter. Xonyan proximity is communicated via noise on the screen and in the headphones. The closer the Xonyans are the faster the rhythm gets.


1.4 The Vault

The vault contains all the agent’s captured Xonyans. The Vault can contain 50 Xonyans. The agent must frequently empty the vault bu transferring the Xonyans to the main vault at the Headquarter. The agent does so by choosing the vault setting and shaking the phone until there are no more left.


1.5 Mission Button

The mission button displays the current mission. The agent can choose to discard the current mission by pressing the GET NEW MISSION button. The agent can also choose to complete a mission on time.


1.6 Speak Replay Button

Pressing the button the agent can either stop and record a current correspondence or choose to hear the last incoming correspondence.

2. How to


2.1 Capture a Xonyan

There are 3 types of Xonyans: workers, engineers, and warriors.

Workers are caught by pointing the Omnidevice in the right position and pulling the Omnidevice in a straight line towards the agent’s body. The workers move in a straight line towards the agent.

Engineers are caught in the same way as a worker but be aware that they move in a circular pattern.

Warriors are fast and must be caught with a downward motion. Keeping the Omnidevice face with the screen up and ducking the Omnidevice to the ground.


2.2 Capture a Spaceship

Spaceships move around to control the area. If a spaceship gets within 30 meters from an agent it will land to attack. To paralyze a spaceship the agent must use the tractor beam. It is automatically activated when a spaceship is proximate. To paralyze the spaceship the agent must be within 15 meters of distance to the spaceship. Once the agnet is within 15 meters of distance the agent recharges the tractor beam by holding the device straight upward. When the sound indicates that the tractor beam has been recharged the agent throws up the beam by pushing it out of the device.


2.3 Find and Destroy a Hiding

Hidings are uncovered through the information trails subtracted from the captured Xonyans. It takes 5 information trails to get the location of a hidings. Hiding information is available as a known location by name and address, only as an address or only as a secret place visible on the radar. The location information is displayed by tabbing the icon on the radar.

A hiding is destroyed by being within 15 meters of distance and using the sound beam to dissolve the hiding membrane.

The sound beam is automatically activated once a hiding is sensed by the Omnidevice. The membrane is dissolved by shaking the sound beam from side to side until the membrane explodes.

Note: once the membrane is dissolved the Xonyans will defend their hiding with everything they have.


2.4 Recharge and get more protection shields

Once the protection shield is at 20% or lower it can be recharged.

The agent recharges the protection shield by making a full 360 degrees turn to the right.

The agent is provided with 5 protection shields upon joining the agent program. Once these are spent the agent can get more in the resources section in the profile panel.



Christos Karavasileiadis

Torvald Johnson


Kasper Mouritzen

Dan Allan Felix Drott

David Adler

Sound Design:

Louise P. Matjeka

Sounds are added under Creative Commons license from NASA soundcloud channel

Voice over:

Mille P. Matjeka (DK)


Ene Esgaard


Fonts by:

Apostrophic Laboratories

Jack Usine / SMeltery

Game and Level Design:

Louise P. Matjeka

Mille P. Matjeka

Alex Camilleri

Additional Programming

Frederik Frydenbjerg

Cristinel-Virgil Patrascu

Sune Weber Pedersen


Hybrid Play and Games II ApS

Funded by:

Capnova Game Invest

Spilordningen – DFI

Idea and Concept Design:

Louise P. Matjeka


Mille P. Matjeka

Marketing and PR:

Charlotte Geckler

Eric Maganga


Plenty at w00t!!


Thomas P.Hejles Ungdomsgård

Mads Lindris